Privacy Plus
Fraudulent Billing to Credit Card

While reviewing my current American Express bill, I noticed a charge for $134.95 from Privacy Plus. Since I never heard of them, I called the toll-free number to find out what the deal was.

They asked if I had an "Aol Internet" account, I assumed they meant AOL. When I said that I did, they told me that someone using my AOL account ( that would be me ) signed up for their credit reporting service. I told them that I was the only person with access to that account, and I definitely did NOT sign up for any such service.

Although the woman on the phone ( ID number 3377 ) agreed to reverse the charge, which she said would take 1-2 billing cycles, she FIRST asked if I'd take the service if they knocked $100 off the price! Wow... Only $34.95 for something I don't need or want. Needless to say, I declined and asked for a full refund.

It only dawned on me after I hung up that they had to get my credit card number directly from AOL - since I didn't give it to them, and this Amex IS in fact the card I use for my AOL billing. Hmmm.

Next call was to AOL - they claimed they NEVER give out customer credit card information, as it is "on another computer". Obviously, from the posts on this company, this is also a crock of bull.

Since Privacy Plus steals money from people for 30-60 days ( or longer if they don't notice the charge on their credit card statement), I think my next step is to report this fraud to the attorney general and to the credit card fraud people. I've already asked Amex to reverse it as well, so at least I won't have to pay interest on a charge that is fraudulent.

I'm constantly amazed that companies like the can stay in business while very obviously ripping off consumers at will! Can't anything be done to stop this once and for all? I certainly intend to do my part.

I'll follow up once I contact the AG and see what happens next.

Offender: Privacy Plus
Country: USA   State: Connecticut
Phone: 8775005774

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