Ripoff, fraudulent billings consumer rip-off fraud

Spiegle's allows their sister companies to bill you for things such as magazines without prior authorization!

In order to stop the billing process of such item, you are given a 1-800 number to call and cancell. For two solid weeks of being on hold for over half an hour, never ever being able to get through to cancel the merchandise charge/unauthorized.

So, I called Spiegle and told them my dilemma. The woman at Spiegles said she knew the comany was next to impossible to contact and that I should keep trying at all hours of the day.

Personally I have much to do in a day and felt it was NOT my responsibilty to cancell something I never authorized.
She hung up on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I tried again, this time to close my account. They wouldn't let me. I even said my charge card must have been stolen because someone is charging things on my account. They said since they already received a report from me prior, they knew my account was not stolen and hung up on me again!

I have made one purchase last November for $99.00. I've made $75.00 in payments. My bill is at $160.00 now!!!
I told them I would gladly pay off the original billing that was mine, but would not do so unless they sent me another bill with only the purchase I made. They refused! At a $35.00 a month late fee waiting to clear all this up..........I tossed in my hat and said screw it!!!!!!!!! They will not work with me or could not guarantee that any other unauthorized purches could not be made on my acc't.
Crap! There goes my credit!

Offender: Spiegel's
Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Portland
Address: PO Box 2210

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