Accutel 1-800-4-A-PHONE
Ripoff, stole, lied, just bs fraudulent ripoff business

I'm like allot of people that want to stay away from the giant phone company's cause of prior experiences, but this one was the worst.

Accutel 1-800-4-A-PHONE promises per their commercials they can have you connected within a few days,just call. I called and I paid my $60 connection fee. Everything seemed to go alright. I waited 4 days and no dial tone, so I decided to call. When I called the Rep said they could not find me. So, they tried again and they said it should be connected by the next day.

I tried the my new number at a friends house and it was ringing, so figured it was on. I went home and checked the phone no dial tone. I called again this is like the 7th business day now.

They said it was my inside wiring, but I know for fact it was not, but they said it was. They said they can send a Tech out but if there is a dial tone I would have to pay for the Tech. I said just get the phone on. The Tech comes out and does absolutely nothing and said there was a dial tone and leaves. Note the Tech only checked the outside box. Get this, they charged me for a service plus a Tech fee for no dial tone and they suspended my service that I don't even have.

I talked to a supervisor he refused to offer a refund,cause he said it was a inside problem. The supervisor told me to go look in yellow pages to have someone fix the inside wiring (WTF is this). Yeah, I bought a computer at Dell and decided that Gateway needs to fix my computer.

I just got tired going around loops, I called SBC and now I'm connected. When SBC fixed my line it was an OUTSIDE problem. The Tech never had to come inside my home. I then called back Accutel and they are still refusing to refund my money after I have the paperwork stating what the problem was.

Bottom line Accutel is not a real Phone Company:

Fact: They do not have their own Technicians - they had a contract with SBC but SBC dropped them - I wonder why

Fact: They false advertise and they get away with it
Fact: they have been fined in CA for allot of Illegal stuff - look it up

If you need phone service I suggest you work it out with SBC. They have technicians and they get it going fast. They will give you a comeback credit also.

I screwed up not investigating this company first. This company takes your money for service they can not provide properly. This is theft and their still allowed to do it. I filed a compaint with the FCC, but doesn't seem they will do anything either.

I strongly hope you see this, so you dont have to go through this crap with these thieves.

Offender: Accutel 1-800-4-A-PHONE
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dalllas
Address: 7900 John W Carpenter
Phone: 8006875700

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