Allstate Moving And Storage, Niva Moving Corp.
Dishonest stealing unreliable careless unprofessional rip off thieves

Niva Moving Corp.
Allstate Moving & Storage
70 Gazza Blvd.
Farmingdale, New York 11735

Allstate Moving Company was scheduled to arrive at our
apartment between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.. An early appointment was scheduled because the move needed to be
completed by 5:00 p.m.. We informed the moving company of this. They were told on more than one occasion that the move in times are 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.. Three men arrived at our apartment at 11:00 a.m. (one hour late) and began the moving process. Our boxes and bags were already packed, except for items that needed to be packed by professional movers. These items included our bed, two pieces of bedroom furniture, two nightstands,
two televisions, two glass tables, large framed pictures, one white cabinet, and our couches.

The movers were well aware that we needed to have our move complete by 5:00 p.m.. The move went very slowly, quite possibly due to the fact that they did not have the
necessary equipment to expedite this process. They used only one dolly to transport boxes and furniture and did not have any other tools to work with. Aside from our
furniture, there were pieces of glass and large picture frames that needed to be packed professionally as well. These items were packed poorly by the movers which later resulted in a great deal of damage. I would like to add at this time that some of the glass pieces were not even wrapped at all.

The movers arrived at the building at 4:45 p.m. While unloading the truck the resident manager of the building, as well as other staff members witnessed the
movers dragging our furniture and other belongings across the ground carelessly. Both the resident manager and myself noticed that the movers had alcohol on their breath. During this time the movers then left for an hour break.

When two out of the three men returned they then proceeded to tell us that the move was going to take
another five hours. The resident manager and the handyman then began to take things out of the service area up to our apartment. The movers rushed out of the
building so quickly that they left their blankets that they used to wrap our furniture behind. Pieces of our bed were also left by the service elevator. They did not complete their job as promised, and needless to say we were and still are extremely upset with this entire move
and the way we were treated.

When we unpacked our belongings we not only found damages, but missing items as well.
The following is a list of the damages that we have found:
1. Our large television stand that was wrapped by the movers was not only scratched and chipped, but the two glass doors are also missing.
2. A large picture that was wrapped by the movers was shattered into hundreds of pieces. It is still in the wrapping done by the movers.
3. The movers disassembled our bed, and there are now parts missing.
Therefore,we were not able to put our bed back together without going out and buying the necessary
4. Pieces that hold our glass table in place are missing. This is an item that was packed by the movers.
5. There are scratches and chips on many pieces of our furniture, all of which were packed by the movers.

Aside from all of these damages we found there were items missing as well.
The following is a list of the items that are missing:
1. A men's watch
2. woman's bag
3. Compaq IPAQ
4. Glass doors to our large television stand

Please put yourselves in our position. Many of our items are damaged and missing. We are outraged by the lack of professionalism shown by these movers. We put our
confidence in Allstate Moving Company and we feel nothing but violated and disappointed.

ny, New York

Offender: Allstate Moving And Storage, Niva Moving Corp.
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Farmingdale
Address: 70 Gazza Blvd.

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