Allied Security
Consumer fraud ripoff

Thanks to all the folks who responded to my original report.

I never made an issue out of being Jewish. I merely wanted a day off for Yom Kippur and of course, they wanted to know WHY.

Of course, in security, you know that you will have to work holidays but always at companies I had worked for before, I had traded out Passover for Easter Sunday and we all got along just fine. But I wasn't working at Allied Security.

What got the ball rolling, I talked to a guy who attended shul with me and he told me he had been fired because he had requested Yom Kippur off and had wanted Friday nights off because of the Sabbath. The business where he worked was clcosed Friday nights anyway but they deliberately insited on putting him at other places and forcing him to work because he was Jewish --and was VERY vocal about it.

The ONLY time they had any indication that I was Jewish was when I requested Yom Kippur off. I think the real harrassment was due to the fact that I was a woman and they thought I was "white" and I was over 30. Plus, I believe that some of the security people and employees were offsetting their peon wages by ripping off merchandize and equipment from the company and there was NO way I was going to participate or be set up to take the fall for that! I felt that my personal safety was in danger several times.

After Allied Security, I worked for three more security companies in Austin, TX but I had worked for some in Dallas, TX before I ever came to Austin, TX. But I AM DONE WITH IT.

My Level III card came up for renewal but there is no way I am EVER going back into it again and I am not alone.

The owners of these companies rip off employees and clients alike. I am in the process of writing a book about what I experienced in 20 years of this.But, enough IS enough!

Some other security companies that you had better NOT work for include the one that does all the shopping mall security that is based out of Illinois ( along with certain other organizations),Initial ( that used to be Stanley Smith Security), Burns which combined with Pinkerton, APS and other smaller companies which is now owned by a FOREIGN company in SWEDEN! Think about non-American citizens being transferred in here and armed under the security licenses or companies owned by foreigners getting US government security contracts and having access to just about anything in there. Does anybody but me have a problem with that?

PRIVATE SECURITY IS A RIP-OFF! They don't think enough about their employees to offer them ANY incentive for staying and if they do, there is always a "catch" to it whereby you are ripped off.

Offender: Allied Security
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin
Address: North Lamar
Phone: 5128364578

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