National Electronics Warranty Corporation
Fails to live up to promises, phone representatives not consistent in their responses. false promises

On 5/4/2003 I followed a link on an auction page on E-bay for extended warrantee coverage for a product I was planning on purchasing. I entered the E-bay item number as directed and was told multiple times that the auction was not complete yet. This lead me to concluded that the item was infact elligible for warrantee coverage.

Not being one to make assumtions based on a machines response, I contacted the N.E.W. Corporation via phone at their toll free phone number to inquire from a human about the warrantee eligibility of the product I was planning on purchasing from E-bay. I spoke to a woman who asked me what the product was, and how it was used.

I explained that it was a home security system and I gave a fairly lengthy explanation as to its function. She asked if I would like to purchase a warranty for the item and I explained that I had not completed the purchase yet because the auction had not yet completed. She said that my item could be warranted and that all I needed to do was to use the web interface with my item number and I would be able to purchase the warranty. After I purchased the item and paid for it on 5/5/2003 I attempted to use the web interface to purchase my warrantee and was told multiple times that the item was not eligible. (Logic would dictate that it would have said this from the begining, but apparently N.E.W. is not logical?) I then called the company again and spoke with yet another employee of the N.E.W. Corporation who told me that the item I had purchased was in fact, not eligible for warrantee and that he could not help me further. I explained what I had been told by the previous operator and I asked if there was a record of that phone conversations with me. He said there was not and that they did not keep records of phone conversations with their customers. The person I spoke with was named Eric and his extension was 3832. I do not recall the name or extension number of the woman I originally spoke with but suffice it to say this company

This incident has cost me not only the time invested in bidding on an auction item that I cannot get a warrantee, but I am
Now forced to contact the seller and fight to get a refund and stop the shipment of the product. I cannot believe this level of crappy service from a National company.

Offender: National Electronics Warranty Corporation
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Sterling
Address: 22660 Executive Drive
Phone: 8005337639

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