Sears National Bank - Sears Credit Card - Sears Credit Services
Ripoff, Charged false fees, Mail frauded, Hounded, harassment, treated like a dog ripoff business from hell

They stopped mailing me Credit card statements. When I complained they promised to do so, and never did. Though I made payments, they would return them. They then would charge me late payment fees. They then stopped accepting my payments at the payment center, and charged me fees for not paying. They call me 2 to 3 times a day.

They call may relatives. They call me at work, and have me on the verge of loosing my job, because they call there so much. They are delibrately run up fees on my account, because they know they can.

When I was sick, they offered to put my account on hold due to medical, yet they charged me a higher interest fee, and still charge me late fees. They are ripping people off, and getting away with it. I am not the first. I have talked to, two other people who have had this same thing happen.

They are refusing payments, and still charging fees. This should be illegal. They then harass people, and try to force them to sell assests and pay them. They call, relatives, and make you look bad, in an attempt to get you to pay all these late fees. They are rip off artists.

Offender: Sears National Bank - Sears Credit Card - Sears Credit Services
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Columbus
Address: Sears Drive
Phone: 8007331116

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