Shop America Network - DRTV
Shop America Network DRTV ripoff scam, they embelish the truth to say the least

To make a very long story short...

I get an email from Shop America Networks (SAN) saying that I have a fantastic product and they believe it would sell well if I did an infomercial with them. Sounds exciting so we called. SAN employee, Bob Kopp, told us that millions of people would be watching the info-mercial which would be created the way we wanted it. We invested $13,900 plus airfare, food, and hotel because my husband and I were told that we needed to be at the site when they made the commercial. Once they had the money they became very unprofessional. The commercial wasn't done professionally and the next day I knew I didn't want it to air the way it was. The director of the company who creates the commercials for SAN, Terry Savoy, is in a league of her own. Whenever I spoke to her, she treated us like we cut her off on the highway.

After all this I find out that they lied to me about the channels the commercial would be on (meaning, I wasn't told they were low-powered channels) plus part of the commercial is giving wrong information.

After about four weeks of getting the run around from SAN, I told them that I was not happy with the way everything is going and I would like a refund. I finally spoke Diana Mercer (the suposed President)and I told her what has been happening and she said she will call me back in two days to let her think about it. That was seven weeks ago and she will not return any of my phone calls and always has the secretary take a message.

The commercial has never aired, in fact I told her the commercial is missleading in what it states about my product. They are keeping our money and avoiding us. I am not sure but wouldn't this be considered Grand Theft? We are in this so far about $17,000, and a lot of headaches!

We are willing to speak to anyone else having problems, we have been in contact with a few people who say they have been scammed as well, and most of the stories are similar except, other peoples commercials aired and they didn't sell any products what-so-ever.

Offender: Shop America Network - DRTV
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miramar
Address: 3400 Lakeside Drive
Phone: 9544414424

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