Sears Roebucks Credit Company
The business that doesnt give a damn

I bought a refrigerator washer and dryer from my local Sears outlet at the mall, just like the one in your town. I put it on the sears credit card but at 24.99% interest I knew I had to pay it off fast. I've been making DOUBLE payments for almost 18 months now and every month the balance on my account increses by over a dollar because twice the minimum payment doesn't even cover the finance charges. This means that if I was to pay the minimum amount due I would never ever be out of debt to sears.

They refuse to lower the interest rate even though I've never been late with a payment and will not conduct an audit of my account to find out if they've been over charging me or if they are figuring the interest wrong. If I continue to only make double payments I will never be out of debt to Sears, on the contrary, making double payments only gets me deeper in debt every month. Sears is a major rip off and I will never shop there again.

I encourage every one to not shop thereor pay cash only, they don't have a monopoly on quality or any appliance. You can go to another store and buy what ever you need. Sears Credit card company is already in financial trouble, lets boycott them and get them to be a responsible community member.

Offender: Sears Roebucks Credit Company
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston

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