Dish Network
Ripoff ripoff business from hell Jackson

One time Dish Network posted a debit on my checking acct card, and stole $448.00 out of my acct and causing several nsf charges and bounced checks even my car note to be bounced, and went into my acct and withdrew the money without my consent.

I had to go to the bank a file dispute papers against one time dish, It even caused me to go to the hospital for the stress I received because of this,and had to get medications and take off work.

I am very upset and fed up with dish network pulling this type of prank against me. I am hurt and very bitter towards dish network and they are responsible for all of this. I will never in life suggest anyone go through this and not to get any services with dish network.

I called the customer service department and they were very rude to me and stated this is in th
contract that they take the money out of your acct if equipment is not receive. I sent the equipment back with ups and equipment was received before time. Another thing is they only gave me a credit of $355.00 which was not the correct amt, I sent all equipment back in same box and they did not give me credit for the piece off the satellite and it was also in the box. I was transferred to some young lady, the last call I made to them and she was very nice she went in and gave me the $53.00 credit. They took out the amt of the last bill, I have no problem with that, but before you go into anyone's acct. and withdraw money. You are suppose to get the permission from the individual, I never received a call or anything from Dish before they went into my acct and withdrew this amount of money from my acct, causing this big time screw up, and they are liable for all the nsf charges on my acct, and all my suffering and pain!!!!

Very upset and abused

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: Mississippi   City: JACKSON
Address: 4436 NEW POST ROAD
Phone: 6013724356

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