Stevens transport
Misleading drivers

I worked briefly for stevenstransport a trucking company located in dallas texas as a trainee driver. I want to tell what they don't tell you on their website, or on a phone call by a recruiter.

First off, Stevens Transport asks you to sign away your rights to workers compensation. Under Texas law a company can do this legally. Stevens Transport is a self insured company. If you get hurt on the job you have to report to a company doctor, and he determines whether you are hurt, and whether or not you have to work.

His name is Doctor Joel Holiday (no kidding). The problem with this arrangement is what if the company goes bankrupt? I guess you don't get your disability anymore. Another thing is how much money do you get under Texas law. I'm guessing it might be less than that of other states because in orientation they never tried to reassure us that it was 66% tax free (which is the standard amount under regular workers compensation rules).

I rode in a company van. My driver was a former over the road driver who was on disability. He had diabetes so bad that he could barely move. He was paid half his OTR pay to be an office gofer and van driver. By the way, he was a good driver dispite the fact that he could barely get out of the van at all. He said he liked working. Me personally, I'd be at home if I were him.

Also stevens transport forces you to sign away your right to sue if you think you have been sexually harassed, or fired because of sex, religeon, age, creed, ect. You have to go into arbritration with them ruled over by a (usually) a former judge.
good luck.

Stevens transport forces you to sign a contract that forces you to pay a portion of ticket costs or damage to your vehicle or any other disputed expense. It is automatically deducted from your checking account (called T-card) with out your consent. What if someone else abused an engine (or ect.) and it broke soon after you got the vehicle? If they think you screwed it up, you pay for part of it. What if you disagree-tough. Go get a lawyer. By the way, they don't give you a copy.

The orientation lasts a seven days not a week. You get fed paid ho hum meals. They test your skills, and also allow you to improve your skills. But if you fail your physical exam, or a road test, you have to pay your own way home-which happened to about 5% of the class (that I know of). At least half of the trainees I talked to had to drive like heck-10 hours a day or more. The hotel you stay in is OK, but you have to wait 2 hours on the hotel shuttle van to pick up everyone.

The taxis that Stevens Transports uses officially (not the shuttle van but real taxi drivers) are rude, crude, lying, cheating scumbags. Be careful and rent a car if possible. Stevens probably knows this but doesn't care about its drivers.

Offender: Stevens transport
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dallas
Address: 9757 Military Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75227

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