Dishonest practices, desperate to do anything to get out of contract!

In the past, I've had dealings with StainSafe without too many problems, although they were unbelievable slow in responding to my claim, so when I made another furniture purchase, I went ahead and purchased their services again. But this time it was ridiculous. I bought protection for my new recliner and solid oak living room tables, and four months after I bought them a small spill of an alcohol-containing drink w/lemonade in it took the finish off a small area on an end table!

It was 11 p.m. on a Saturday night and no one answered at StainSafe's number, but because I didn't want to leave sticky substances on my furniture for 36 hours till Monday when they were open, and I didn't want to attact ants, I cleaned it up using a wet cloth. It was still sticky and I couldn't get it all cleaned using plain water, so I put a little Murphy's Oil Soap on a cloth and wiped it up, thinking it might help mitigate the damage caused by the drink since the finish had come off so easily!

When I called StainSafe on Monday, the first time they were open since the problem occurred, they denied my claim saying I used an "unauthorized cleaner" on the table, and said they had no proof that the Murphy's Oil Soap isn't what caused the damage to the table, which is just plain stupid. I have contacted Colgate Palmolive, the makers of Murphy's, and they are willing to put it in writing that their product contains no corrosive ingredients and could NEVER do the damage that StainSafe is claiming it did (or better yet, using as an excuse to get out of what they agreed to). It's clear they are trying to get out of their contract for any reason possible, no matter how absurd it is!

If you ever have a claim with StainSafe, LIE TO THEM if you've used anything but water to clean something up or they'll pull the same stunt with you as they have with me. As it is, I'm going to file in court at the advice of my attorney, because their agreement says NOTHING about leaving a sticky mess for 36 hours while waiting for their offices to open, and they insist I should have just left the mess till I spoke with them!

They act like I used Drano to clean up the spill, and they are not asking for a reasonable thing for me to have left a sticky mess for 36 hours! If they expect people to leave things alone until they advise them on how to clean up the problem, they need to be open 24 hours! Their actions are childish, cheap and offensive, and the money I paid for that contract was a total waste.

Offender: StainSafe
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Palm Beach Gardens,
Address: 354 Hiatt Drive
Phone: 8005210555

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