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I have given my last dime to Bass Pro aka Trash Pro Shops..I made the mistake of giving them a lot of my money in the past but will never buy from them again..I will retire from fishing before spending a penny there. It is bad enough that all of their merchandise is overpriced, about 2 dollars on avg more expensive than other tackle stores, but their nearest store is 20 miles away from me and I am tired of going down there only to find out they have NOTHING in stock that would do anyone of any use, unless you are a "tourist fisherman." I just want to get what I need to fish, I am tired of wasting my time, money, gas, ect driving down there only to find out they are out of what I want, EVERY TIME. What am I supposed to do, call the store ahead of time and read off my shopping list to whoever answers the phone to make sure they have it? Quite a pain in the ***, for me and whoever answers the phone in this case.

Whoever their inventory/logistics/shipping/receiving person is at this particular store does a piss poor job at best, half of the displays in the fishing dept. are half empty. I am in the Ft. Myers area and I speak of the store located at the Gulf Coast Town Center. The smaller tackle shops in the area have twice the selection as Trash Pro, however Bass Pro advertises themselves as having quite a large selection, this only holds true if you are fishing for fish that can fit in the palm of your hand, they cater to "tourist fishermen" rather than locals who actually know what they are doing. The store carries very little quality fishing equipment..most if not all the rods and reels you will see there are manufactured in China.

They do carry a few quality items, such as a particular brand and style of circle hook I use for big game fishing. But it seems as if they neglect to reorder these when they run out, among anything else they happen to sell that may actually be of use. I even had one of their employees suggest do me that what I was seeking is not what I should be using..I would like to show that employee all the pictures I have on my hard drive of fish big enough to eat him (no exaggeration either!)

I think it is about time that trash pro shops step their game up and attempt to keep up the store. I know for a fact that there are about 30-40 employees in this store at any given time, whoever's responsibility it is to replentish the merchandise I suggest you take your head out of your anal cavity and get to work, because your company is losing customers because of your incompetence.

Offender: Bass Pro Shops
Country: USA   State: All USA

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