Autumn Ridge Nursery
Crooks and rude

I too have had a horrible experience with this company. The man you are talking to I believe is "Sam" himself and yes he is complete jerk!

I have reported this company to the BBB in Tennesee and also to the FTC. I am just getting started! Below is my experience with them and also what I sent to the BBB. Do not buy from them they are completely rude and are crooks!

On May 18th I placed a large order with Autumn Ridge Nursery and decided to cancel the order on the same day. I wrote an email and asked that I be credited back the amount of $97.09. I was told that this would be done. Weeks later I contacted them again as my account was not credited. They again told me they would credit it back immediately. Once again I was lied to and called in a third time today June 6th, 2008. Of course I was angry and demanded that they refund my money or I would have to have my attorney take care of it. They put me on hold, then they hung up on me, so I called back. The owner answered and her husband got on the telephone and said, "hello?" I said, "yes my name is Jackie Lochmann and I have been put on hold to resolve a matter with my account." He then right off said to me, "DUGH! I'M ON THE PHONE NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT!" Of course this upset me, I hit record on my phone and firmly told him that I had been calling and calling to get my refund and have been lied to twice. He told me, I don't know that we owe you anything!." I said you owe me $98.00. He said, "says here, $97.09." I said, "well you owe me then don't you." Then he started telling me that he felt sorry for my husband if I was married. This man had me so furious..he said, "for your information the customer is not always right!" How he came to that conclusion I don't know..He said it himself that they owed me this amount and was just nasty! He kept saying "dugh!" to me on the phone whenever I would make a comment. He had me crying! My husband is furious and is giving them a few days to refund but wants to sue for discrimination against women. This man is a NASTY business person and should not be in business. I want to warn people about him and his company as he clearly does not care about his customers or what anyone thinks of his business. Just that he can get his money! I do in fact have all of this in recording and I told him this. He said, "sure you do uh hugh." Please, help me to assure I receive my funds back. I have been told three times that it has been credited and I don't believe them anymore, especially after the way I was treated. Sounds like he treats just about everyone this way. I hope that you will do something about Autumn Ridge Nursery as they do not deserve to deal with the public. They are rude and degrading to people and treat them like idiots. Again, I have him admitting on recording that he owes the money and also his nasty comments and saying dugh to me. Please, I hope that you will stand up for what is right for consumers and stop this from continuing.

Offender: Autumn Ridge Nursery
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: McMinnville

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