Never shopping at kohls again - customer service

Me and my friend went to Kohls in Snohomish Washinton. In the hour that we spent shopping around for back to school clothes we had very very horrible customer service plus some. First i asked a man if he could please tell me which perfumes were on sale because i couldnt find them. He hardly even looked and said "youre just gonna have to look harder" and walked away. I was shocked that he didnt even try to help or go and find someone else to help us look. we walked over to a lady thinking maybe she would know more..when i accidently drop a ring off the stand she said "Can you not drop stuff in my store!?" i was firious at this point. then i just gave up on the purfume. Me and my friend walked over to the shoes and saw the man who we asked for help with earier and as he walks past us he says "well youre just all around our store arent you?"..i just about started to scream at him!i was furious. so then i though, when we get to the cashier we could possibly ask to speak to the manager or just tell her we werent treated the right way while shopping..but when my friend asked the cashier what was their return policy was she replied saying "we dont have one" then my friend asked "you dont have one..what does that mean?" an the cashier started to laugh and said "we dont have a return policy". which didnt make sense to us. that could mean you cant return the stuff we were getting or you can just bring it in whenever and have it look like whatever and return it. once the cashier told me my total i asked why it was so much and she said "i dont know". i asked her if the stuff i bought was an additional 70% the price on the tag like the sign said and she said no its already marked down. therefore the sign was very misleading and the stuff i really wanted, i didnt get because it was farrr to exspensive. i had a horrible time shopping there and dont ever plan on going back!!!

Offender: Kohl's
Country: USA   State: All USA

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