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As I write this I am still on hold with to resolve a part issue on the new BBQ gas grill I bought for fathers day 2011. Today alone I spend over two hours waiting on the phone for help. The first time I called the phone connection was lost after 30 minutes of talk. The second time I called she tried to transfer me and I got a dial tone and the call was lost. The third time I called the lady could not understand that the part that was missing was a "interior storage rack" She asked me to repeat the name no less than 5 times and could not understand what I wanted but that I could return the item to the store and they would reorder the Whole BBQ grill and not the part. I explained that I just needed the part, not the whole grill again. She told me to return the item. I asked to speak to a supervior and here I am still waiting on the phone. I'm going to call the corprate office next and talk to one of the higher ups.

This is just plain bad service. Return it, Right! I already had to pick it up from the store after waiting a week and a half for it to show up! Then I had to lug this thing home and asseble it. It weighed no less than 150 pounds and was wrapped up like the king Tuts gold. I like the grill but it said it came with interior storage racks. I got two unidentifiable iron bars left after assembly but no storage racks. As I'm waiting for for someone to come on the line to help me after another 45 minutes, I look at and read the reviews for this BBQ grill. No less that three of the reviews list a missing piece as their complant and guess what it is, the interior storage racks. You would think that someone monitors their web site and reads these reviews and would take care of the problem. My grill is a model 148.1637110 a Kenmore 5-Burner LP w/LED light Control Panel. I just want what I payed for. My E-mail is and I'm mad that I can't even get someone on the phone to offer options or actually complain to!!! Well it's been 1 hour and 16 minutes waitng for someone to pick up. Nice elevator music though! I'll call the corprate office tomorrow and try again. Thanks for reading my vent. Roy Belluz, 1113 North A Sreet, Lompoc CA 93436


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