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I recently placed an order with (first time) last week (November 5, 2012). Received an email (11/6/2012) saying that my item was shipped to the store I selected and to wait for a "pick-up" email. I have not received that email as of today for me to pick up my item. However, I checked the tracking on the item and it shows it was delivered on 11/9/12 at 10:45am inside the store and signed by the name Smith. So, I decided to call the support center to question why I had not received an email stating to pick up my merchandise and where it was. The representative stated that, "it looks like your order is still in processing and has not been shipped yet". I said that can't be, 1.) Because I have a confirmation email saying it was shipped and 2.) I have the tracking number and based on the tracking it says that my merchandise was already delivered to the store. She then check as again, calls the store, and tells me "Oh, I called the store and they said that it is on the truck, however they have not unloaded the truck but someone will give you a call after 12 noon when it is ready for pick up".

I wait and wait. 9 pm comes around and still no phone call. I call the support center again and am given an entirely different story by a different representative.. They call the store and they can't find my merchandise and I say, "it was signed by someone named Smith, whose name is Smith?" The manager then tells me no one is here by that name and I am the person that signs for merchandise.

Called the 1-800 number and speak with another representative and the most help I got was to tell me the information that I already have, information about my tracking and when it was supposedly shipped to Sears (Westwood mall, Houston TX location). As of this writing (11/13/12, 9:21am) I still do not know where my merchandise is and have not been contacted by anyone regarding this matter. This was my first and last experience ordering and or shopping with Sears. Needless to say this is a Christmas gift for my sister.

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston

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