U-Verse TV
Badd TV and Badd Service

I was sent a $200 gift card coupon from U verse to bundle my web, phone and TV. Called and spoke To Trina sales person who made a deal for U verse service package but says don't go to AT&T office and give them the sale call her back. She even gave her cell phone. Went to the office wherer there was another $140.00 worth of deals. So don't go for the phone trip do your bidding at the office. Long story short Bryan Ragland sold me a good package good deals and a 30 day trial period with no fees. Took the deal and fired up u-verse dvr with 2 wireless boxes. I am former Direct tv customer where I had 2 dvr boxes for total of about 400 hours of recording time. Never needed more space from their dvr. So AT&T service fires up an we started having signal loss and piczel faze out the first 5 days. The 6th day all boxes freeze up and none of the rewind ff or pause buttons would work. They kept giving pause not avilable on screen. Called att they said reset dvr. Dvr then losses all programs that where recorded. We repeat this senerio 2 more times each time losing the recorded programs on the dvr. Ticked off I try to cancel and have to argue for 2 days wth AT&T service reps on the phone over and over till they send service man to replace a badd box. Am he comes to replace the box. Later that afternoon in comes a replacement box by overnite express. now I have to take this box to UPS store in the mall to return. Can-t leave on porch for pick up have to go to UPS store to scan the box. AT&T says I can't go to where the brown ups trucks are which is right down the street you have to go to the mall. Ticked off again we watch tv lator that nite and watch again pickel phaze out all over the screen all nite. OK so I'm out you can take all of these boxes since I have to go to UPS. Called the last day of my trail period to cancel and well you know what comes next. They say there was no 30 trial and I must pay $180.00 early termination fee PLUS PLUS $86.00 dvr fee.( this fee was never mentioned no where anytime tho I was aware of $180 fee but was still under free trial) I'm a 30 year or better customer. We go round and round and I refuse to pay. You can take phone, internet and tv out of my house. They kindly send me an email with early termination rules and fees to my dead service. I have to take off work to go back down to speak with the rep that signed me up at the AT&T store Bryan Ragland. He gets on the phone and settles the deal with no charge as it was supposed to be. I still had to eat $49.00 attvation fee and pack up all of there boxes take them to the mall where then I have to open all the boxes again because they meaning UPS only at the mall have to scan the box ID# and repack them their self. Now outside of the salesman Bryan Ragland who was just the greatest guy and solved the problem this service was terrible. So badd of a trip that I had to tell people How AT&T will treat 30 year customers. They need to stick to the phone business cause this was a terible experance for a badd I mean really bad product. If you deal with them don't do it on the phone. They will screw you badd. Back to Direct TV. Loss 2 days of work $49.00 attavation fee and really they should have refunded they 1 month service fee for 30 days of signal loss and piczel faze out. A really ticked off customer rjs22@aol.com 11-10-12

Offender: U-Verse TV
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Detroit

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