David Stepps
Snake in the grass

So I have been living at my current address for almost 2 yrs now, and also have had the same dogs at my address for that long too. The neighbor has had a family member staying with them for about 1 month now, and all of a sudden just about 2 weeks ago the neighbors family member knocked on my door, but I was just waking up and I wasn’t dressed properly or alert enough to answer the door, so I told myself that if it’s that important he will come back.

So I start getting ready for the day, and I looked out the window and noticed that a sheriff’s deputy was in my neighbors front yard talking to the man who knocked on my door. Upon watching them for a few mins, I noticed that the neighbors family member kept pointing over to my house, and looking along with the deputy. So the deputy came to my door, and I went outside and the deputy told me that the neighbors are having a problem with my dog barking outside, and that he works third shift and it wakes him up.

Also note that my neighbor had told me numerous times that him, and his wife cannot hear nothing that goes on outside there house. I also think that the neighbors have some built up tension upon me because they are afraid that I think that they had my bro. arrested. Needless to say my neighbor is a city cop, and has said numerous disrespectful things about me, not aware that I know about it. Also his wife has stated that I am a weirdo, and creepy because I stay to myself most of the time, and don’t make friends, or talk buddies as easily as other people do. I think that my neighbor had his family member call the Sheriff’s Dept. on me just so that he wouldn’t have to take the blame for it. The neighbor has told me before that we are neighbors, and he doesn’t want to make enemies.

Bottom line him and his wife are very sneaky, and disrespectful of me, and my bro. and are straight out liars. This was the first time in almost 2 yrs that the Sheriff’s Dept. has been to my house for my dogs. I think the neighbors think that I will get upset, and move out, but they are dead wrong. The dogs can’t bark but they can make there little 6 yr old girl yell at the top of her lungs at 2AM in the morning hoping to wake me up, and his family can rev his motorcycle up at random times! I was hounded by a noise ordinance, but reality is someone mowing there lawn at 2PM in the afternoon is in violation of a noise ordinance where I live if someone doesn’t like the noise, because there’s no specified time frame. So my neighbors are no good for anyone that doesn’t know them, and think they are better than other people. DON’T TRUST THEM!

Offender: David Stepps
Country: USA   State: All USA

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