Veterans Today
Hate,discontent,lies,half truths and black propaganda

The basic premise of Veterans Today(VT) is to be a anti-Zionist approach that attempts to paint Israel as the leading cause of all world problems.VT borders on anti-Semitism even though the Senior Editor Gordon Duff claim Jewish ancestry.VT flies under the flag of being all about Veterans and offering the services and information to which they may be entitled.It is almost criminal to use that makes since their purpose is far removed from what the name insinuates.

This is little if any references to he information published but there are a great deal of innuendos, assumptions and accusations, all designed to fuel the minds of left wing conspiracy theorists.

As was already stated above if anyone dares to disagree with the established opinions, the comments are not published.Everything has to be pointing into a direction set by the editorial staff.In a private disagreement with Mr. Duff, he stated that it was nothing but the freedom of the press to disregard certain ideas that fail to meet their agenda.

Mr. Duff even went so far as to insinuate that he would have the survivors of the USS Liberty take care of me.If one will notice Mr. Duff states that he is a 100% disabled vet and has PTSD yet he claims to be a constant world wide traveler meeting with the highest circles of intelligence and political figures.He claims to work closely with the US government and US business interests but what entity would place faith and trust in a mental patient.PTSD is a psychological disorder and I don't mean to belittle any person who legitimately suffers from that disorder.

Many of the commentators are regulars that have learned a few key words of hate and Mal content and attempt to paint negative images f almost anybody.Why I have been listed as a crook and nobody knows me other than disagreeing with the fruit basket cases.If what you are looking for it hate, discontent, lies, half truths and black propaganda, then VT is for you.To each their own !

Offender: Veterans Today
Country: USA   State: All USA

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