United States Postal Service
After this experience, I wonder who could provide better service than USPS

Today before I went to school, I made my trip to USPS that is not too far from where I live. I knew this location has my textbook because I picked up my previous order of textbook through online at here. They were suppose to open customers' entrance at exactly 0800 today but they opened the door at 0807. First of all, they ignored the customers who were waiting outside their door. I was able to see the asian woman employee standing at the booth (or whatever you call it) but she did not do anything but just standing there.

Second of all, I knew they had it because I checked my order from online tthrough USPS track & confirm link this morning before went to that specific location. When it was my turn to process, I showed the employee (Asian dumb woman) my license and my tracking number that I printed out the day before. Guess what she did??? She put it aside and called next customer. I was like 'WHAT IS GOING ON??? WHY IS SHE NOT LOOKING FOR MY ORDER???' Turned out, she did not even bother to look at it.

She called her supervisor and sent him off instead when it was not that even busy. The supervisor (very idiotic stupid white guy) came back with my license and saying that they do not have the textbook that I ordered from online. Turned out, he only checked the name but did not even bother to check whether it was same address or not.

My previous order took about almost a week. For this order, it did took about almost the same time. The supervisor basically lied to me that there were no textbook order for me to be picked up.

I was so pissed off this morning at the stupid asian employee and the supervisor. After I got home from my class, I found my textbook at the doorstep of my house. When I saw my order at my doorstep, that even made me way more pissed off.

USPS has either full of dumb employees or people who never pay attention at all. After this experience, I wonder who could provide better service than USPS because they really suck and the people who work there are all full of cr*p.

Offender: United States Postal Service
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Chantilly
Site: usps.com

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