Suncore Industries, Inc
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My husband called at the end of May to purchase a strut & spring kit. The rep Vita told him he did not need struts if the car already has them, as struts never go bad. She said that the kits with struts are only for vehicles that never had struts. So my husband paid $399.00 to order the springs only. We then paid $200 to install the springs. At which time we discovered that struts DO indeed go bad, contrary to the information provided by the Suncore representative, because ours were bad and needed to be replaced. Having invested now $600 installing an incorrect item we were understandably upset, especially when we were told we did not need the correct one. My husband called Suncore, and once again got Vita on the phone. He asked to exchange the incorrect part for the correct kit, planning to pay the difference in list prices even though this was not our mistake. She informed him there would be a $179.50 charge to return the item they had incorrectly sold him! Adding together the return charge (179.50, ) shipping both ways (80, ) and labor we paid to have it installed (200, ) plus labor to uninstall (200, ) it would cost us approx. $659.50 to return the part due to THEIR mistake and misinformation?!? That's more than I paid for it in the first place! I called Vita back. Although she admitted that yes she had told him struts never go bad, she then tried to backpeddle when I told her ours went bad. She refused to listen to me, talked over me, asked me to hold on, then immediately hung up! When I tried to call back no one answered, and still no one has returned the message I left 5 days ago. This company provides incorrect infromation, ignores customer issues, does not return phone calls, is rude and even hangs up on customers. Their prices aren't bad, or so it seems. When you invest hundreds of dollars due to their incorrect information and they won't even try to resolve your issue, it winds up costing you more than if you went with a more expensive, but more honest and honorable, place. It's worth paying more (which may ultimately be LESS) to get parts from someone else, rather than be subjected to such poor service and incur additional costs!

Offender: Suncore Industries, Inc
Country: USA   State: All USA

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