Really bad customer services

Went to the store to purchase a Blue Ray DVD Player. Item advertised. This was 2nd day of a 4 day sale. The item was not available and didn’t know if another coming in. Electronic’s clerk said no raincheck. I asked where it said no raincheck. This item didn’t say no rainchecks although every other item on the page did. He called a team leader. Dave the Team leader started off saying they don’t issue rainchecks and the ad implies that. I gave him the ad and asked that he show me. He hummed a while and showed me the workign on other items but it wasn’t on that. He took a nice but too bad attitude. I asked for the store manager.

Obviously they have none since I got a team leader, Beth, who must run the entire store – OR, they lie to their customers. Imagine that….3 people have done it so far. She said the same line. Ad states no rainchecks. I asked her to show me. She couldn’t. Them went that the coupon said it. She coudlnt’ find it there either. Then went through the entire ad to prove me wrong…but she couldn’t. Right here we have a real serious issue with customer service. It seems to be prove the customer wrong.

So, I asked for a corpoate phone number. Guess what. Target has no corporate office. Amazing…such a large company and no corporate office. BUT, they do have a customer service number in teh Phillipines….their WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. I got a rude little 50 cent an hour clerk named Janet who was not interested in being friendly…even though I tried. She said basically too bad but she’ll send the concern on the the buyers so they can buy more next time. Cute huh? She stated she was an authorized agent for the company when she told me that she wouldn’t give me a corporate contact number.

Then when I asked if she knew that telling me that meant she was stating she was authorized to accept service on a lawsuit against Target. She decided she wasn’t an authorized agent. I asked to be transferred to a US office and she said “WHY, THERE ISN”T ANYTHING THAT SOMEONE COULD DO THERE THAT I HAVEN”T DONE”. I insisted and was put on hold–after 10 minutes i hung up since obviously the call wasn’t going to go. Am now an ex Target customer. I left a sshopping cart full of groceries and merchandise in the isle and left. Sure, one person won’t make a difference but they lose enough of our $300 dollar sales in a day maybe they’ll care more.

Fortunately, we have a mall, a WalMart and a KMart near. I don’t need this poor service and won’t shop there again, and cancelling my credit card. REALLY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES!!!

Offender: Target
Country: USA   State: All USA

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