Even shoplifters are treated with more respect than I was shown

This was at the Walmart store on N Interstate Drive, in Norman, Okla I was attempting to use 10 legitimate manufacturer coupons that all had all the clarifying info that the coupon policy on and posted in store states that is necessary to have them accept the coupon. I was told by the checker that Walmart does not accept MANUFACTURERS coupons. I asked for her manager and then she proceeded to call me crazy and said I was wasting my time and hers.

She got her manager which she referred to as her “CSM” and that woman then took a 1 second glance at the coupon and said it would not be accepted because the expiration date is TO FAR AWAY, 3/31/2012 to be exact. She “explained” to me that coupons are only accepted within 60 days of expiry. This is a flat out LIE, this woman who supposedly had worked for Walmart for 15 years and is supervising other employees doesn’t even know the simplest info even when it was printed on a laminated piece of paper posted right next to her face!

I asked for someone else to help me, I was then told that no one else would waste their time with this and I could either pay full price for the items or leave immediately. I REFUSED they then threatened to have the police remove me from the store and took my cart full of groceries and my personal belongings from me and took it to the customer service area when FINALLY a man who I believe was of higher authority than the CSM woman came over with 4 more store employees following him and asked to see the coupon, immediately he said yes of course we accept MANUFACTURERS coupons and instructed the cashier to continue with the transaction.

This in total was a 45 minute ordeal and I feel if these employees cared about the job they are doing or if they were trained correctly that this could have been obviously avoided. I was treated like a criminal, a liar and embarrassed in front of my family and other customers, WHY? Why was any of this necessary? Is it illegal to try and save my family money? Even shoplifters are treated with more respect than I was shown. Does Walmart support such behavior? Will I be treated like this in the future?

Offender: Walmart
Country: USA   State: All USA

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