Maricel Gotay has stated complete falsehoods about me on this site. She is absolutely a disgruntled employee who quit without notice. She received her full pay including vacation pay due. I will be contacting an attorney tomorrow morning to start a lawsuit for slandering me. Just for the record, I was an absentee owner in Florida and had nothing to do with discrimination. Maricel Gotay, who is Hispanic, worked for me for approximately 8 years. Why? I am an equal opportunity employer and have never uttered anything that could be construed as racist. As for Terry Gowen, he is also a disgruntled employee who conspired to quit my employ and start his own business with all of my employees. This attemp failed and he began to send many email to me and the people who worked for me. The reason he received the judgement is because he signed for advertising without my authorization. The simple reason was he was receiving a 10% commission for all sales plus a 2% commission on all sales made by any of the other salespeople. I have remained silent for two years because I did not want to deal with former employees who obviously do not know how to control themselves but enough is enough. I have a lot more to add to this Maricel but I'll do that when we get to court.

Offender: Rebath
Country: USA   State: All USA

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