Me nor my friends will EVER shop at Khols again and I will BE warning all Canadians

All Canadians beware of Kohls!! We live north of the border and frequently, a large group of us head south for 2.5 hours to shop. In August, I was badgered into getting a credit card to save on my purchase. The purchase was for less than 40 dollars. When I received the bill, I called Kohls to pay for my purchase with another credit card or debit and was denied. I was told I would have to pay at the store or purchase an international money order. I was told that it was now 50 dollars because of the late fee. By the time I had purchased the money order, I was told another late fee of 5 dollars had been added. Now, I owed 55 dollars.

So, I put the money order and a 5 dollar American bill in the envelope and mailed it in. I was not going to purchase another money order as they are 3 dollars each. The store had no problem getting the unusual payment BUT they told me I was late again and now owed another 52 dollars in late fees!!! What the hell??? I have talked to the billing department and they tell me I still 52 dollars even though I paid 55 dollars on a 40 dollar purchase!!! All told, my 40 dollar purchase was to be 107 dollars!!! Are you kidding me?? This all took place in the span of 4 months!!

My wife got a toaster as a gift at Kohl’s. When i plugged it in for the first time, it popped and asmall flame shot out of one of the toaster slots.We returned it and the returns dept had us get another one off the shelf of the same brand. We plugged it in to see if it was going to work.The one toasterslotn wont stay dowwn plus the powwer light dont stay on.Atthis point im getting mote disgusted with the garbage this country imports from china.The inspection sticker is on this appliance indicating it passed inspection.

Obviously the inspector was taking a nap that day.I think kohls should give away a fire estinguisher for every food network toaster they sell.I would appreciate a response to this e mail. 107 dollars for a 40 dollar purchase!! Me nor my friends will EVER shop at Khols again and I will BE warning all Canadians…. DO NOT SHOP AT KOHLS…. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THE STRICT PAYMENT METHODS AND YOU WILL BE PAYING 100% INTEREST IN LATE FEES.!!! FELLOW CANADIANS….STAY AWAY FROM KOHLS!!!

Offender: Kohl’s
Country: USA   State: All USA

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