Very rude employees in toy department

I have been searching everyday for the leap pad explorer.(I know its the hot item of the year) but i came acrossed it on your site and it said you had some in stock. So i called the store. The operator gets on the phone i ask her to transfer me to toys and was on hold until the operator came back on the line told me to hold on and cut me off. So i called back. She then transfered me to toys. A lady answers and i ask her to see if she had 2 items the leap pad and the new xplodz gun. She told me she did not have either but they get a truck in everyday and they might have the leap pad on it.

I ask her if theres been any on the trucks lately and she proceeds to tell me their was 5 on the truck that morning 60 people were lined up outside when they opened the doors at 8 am and were sold out by 8:03am. So im getting excited. I’m thinking if i just get there early enough i might have a chance. So we hang up. So i’m thinking about it all the rest of the day it’s going to be cold wear something warm . Stuff like that. So i need to know a little more info like what time is a good time to get there and so on.

So i call back hours later that day. so i can know exacley what time i should be there to beat the rush. So im talking to the lady and she tells me people start showing up at 6:30-7am she also adds that there will be police officers and crowed control. So im thinking great this is going to be awsome i will get there before everyone else and be the first in line. Then i proceed to asked my 9 year old son if he wanted to get up early with me and we could go together. We were up at 5:30 got to target by 6am and waited. NOBODY ELSE SHOWED. When they opened the doors at 8am i went back to the toys it wasn’t there. their was how ever a lady back there and i asked her if the truck came in she said no and that there hadn’t been one yesterday either.

I was felling just as about as stupid as you can get. But my son wanted to look and see if the xpoldz toy was there and it was… On the way out i noticed a manager. With not getting into to much detail i just wanted to know about leap pad and if there was a chance it was going to come. He told me no the item wasn’t even in the near future. So i thanked him and left. When i got home all i could think about was the detailed information the target employee had giving me and it all being ONE BIG FAT LIE. I have no idea why she would say all those things unless she was just sick of people bothering her. (I know its really busy this time of year).

Offender: Target
Country: USA   State: All USA

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