Martin Malone
Ripped me off GBP2100 & now trying to rip another USD20000

I am asian lady met this person through a dating site who claimed his name is Col. Dr. Martin Malone a widowed and servicing in US Military. When i met him he was still in Afghanistan for terrorist issues & his name was already on the list of deployment. We connected mostly through email once a while as the policy there they are not allowed to keep a hand phone or laptop. So we talked about each other & our dreams & in a blink we both fall in love. We planned to get married once he finish with his military service in Afghanistan. Two weeks before his deployment, he told me he needed to go to London to get his entitlement paid by UN amounted USD2.5million and after that he will come straight away to my country to marry me. To make this long story short, he has been deployed & he went to London for his entitlement. For him to get this entitlement he went through so many things & has to provide so many documentations and also need to get a lawyer. One day he told me he ran out of money and asked if i can help as he needed 1200pound. He said he needed this money to get a government validation for NON BRITISH CITIZEN. I was so blind (as i was so in love with him) so i sent him that money through western union. The next day he again told me he got problem to get the validation as they need to see his international passport (his passport was retained by the hotel management as he still have outstanding bills) so in order to get his passport he needed to pay the hotel 885pounds. So again, i sent him another 900pounds. I know I was so stupid & blind and i do that because of my pure love for him. I thought that would be the end when he told me he already got his entitlement USD2.5million. He asked me my account bank information as he wanted to sent back my money so i would be able to pick him up at the airport when he arrive my country. I gave him my bank info (even at the beginning i doubt why he did not sent me through western union and his answer was he is not a British citizen and there are so many procedure he has to follow if he use the western union). The next day i almost got heart attack when he told me he sent me USD2.493million to my account as he want to use the money in my country to buy a house & to settle down. He sent me a copy of the transfer slip from NATWEST or NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC. and i saw the detail of my bank info on that slip. and it stated i will get the money in 3 days. After 3 days i went to my bank and checked but there is no such amount in my account. When i came back from the bank i saw his email telling me the transfer has been placed on STOP ORDER by IMF London due to non-possession of ANTI-TERRORIST/MONEY LAUNDERING CERTIFICATE. In order for us to get the money, we have to pay USD10000 which he asked me to try to find a way to get it. I started to doubt about him and started thinking he could be a scam. When i asked him, he always has the answer & always convince me that he is real & honest. And he did make me believe he is honest. But anyway i really don't have that much money and to make this long story short i asked him to go back to his country, get his money in his account over there and comeback to London but he keep giving me excuse. I tried to test this person, by telling him i would not be able to help him anymore and i don't care about that USD2.5million...the only thing i care about is him and i want him to be safe. i want him to go back to his country (USA) before he get screwed even more. After few days now...he seemed walking away from me...and yesterday was the last day i got his email. Today i did not get any. He did not reply my email at all. So, i am very sure now this person is fake. HE just a scam. Am sure the photos he sent me might be also fake. So, I was in love with a fake person. with a scammer!!! When i read back all his beautiful letters to me they are all sounded so real. He sounded so decent and nice person. But after all my sacrifice was for nothing. So for all the ladies out there be careful of this kind of scammer. They play with our heart very well.

Offender: Martin Malone
Country: USA   State: All USA

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