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I went to Lowe's for an estimate to on deck work on May 3, 2008. I paid $35 for an estimate. On May 10, the sub contractor contacted by Lowe's came to look at the deck and take measurements. At the end of the visit he indicated he would fax in the estimate to Lowe's on Monday the 12th and I should hear from them soon after that. Well, I really didn't expect that I would hear from Lowe's on the 12th. However, I did expect the hear from them soon afterword, but did not. On Friday, May 23rd, I called Lowe's to find out where my estimate was. I was told that the sub-contractor had not turned in his estimates or supply needs. The woman I spoke said she would fax the subcontracor to find out what was happening and someone would call me on Tuesday. Well Tuesday came and went without any response.

On June 1st, I emailed Lowe's stating if I was not going to get an estimate I wanted a refund. Again, Lowe's did not respond. On June 12th, I called Lowe's and again was told that the subcontractor was the hold up. I said I wanted a refund if I was not going to get an estimate. Within 10 minutes, I got a call back saying my estimate was ready.

So the next day I went to Lowe's. I told the person that I was unhappy with the service and was questioning if I should go with Lowe's and their subcontractor based on the fact I had been told twice that the subcontractor had not done the estimate on a timely basis. Well, this guy who is supposed to be the manager, says he and the sub contractor had been working on the estimate for over a month and whoever told me that sub contractor wasn't responding didn't read the notes in the computer. What?

Next I said I wanted to take the estimate home to think it over. The Manager said he had to ask someone else if he could give me the estimate to take home. WHAT?!!! I finally he gave me the estimate.

The next day I found out why he didn't want to give me the paperwork. It was dated May 25th and expires on 6/24.

I work for a company that sells to retail store. If anyone ever gave this type of customer service, they would be fired.

I have once again emailed Lowe's corporate headquarters about their lack of customer service. Not that I expect them to respond.


I got an email on 6/20 from Lowe's corp. It stated someone from the store would contact me within 48 hours. The next day there were 2 messages on my answering machine. The first was from the store manager and the second was from the department manager (the guy who had lied straight to my face). I called the store and asked for Dan the store manager. I was told he had left for the day. I called the following day, 2 days later and 3 days later. Each time I was told the manager had left. Then today 6/25, I got a call from Amanda at Lowe's asking me if I was going to except the estimate. I explained to her how unhappy I was with the service. She told me that Lowe's had called me numerous times about the estimate. I was livid. I told her 3 calls prompt my either my calls or email I do not consider numerous. She also stated that Lowe's had fired the sub contractor because of numerous problems. Well, if that were the case wouldn't she have start with that information first. Anyway's I was able to get my full refund tonight. They first offered me a refund in the form of a gift card, but I explained since I would never shop there again I wanted cash and that is what I got.

Offender: Lowe's
Country: USA   State: Connecticut   City: Milford

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