Yesterday my two year old daughter and I went shopping with my sister. During the time we were at the store I continuously asked my daughter to sit in the cart.I told her she needs to stop trying to climb out because she could fall and get hurt. As my sister and I were getting ready to check out(taking the items we had picked out of the basket and onto the counter). My daughter decides that she wants out of the basket. As my daughter was trying to climb out she fell onto the hard tile floor and hit her head. Resulting with a instant goose egg. I am NOT blaming the store what so ever. Yes, children will get hurt.I feel awful ever having to see my child in pain and knowing that I could have prevented her fall by simply having her by my side(WHAT IF?... I could have done this differently). The sales clerks that were around did their part in calling for medical attention, ice pack, and the store manager. Knowing there was a hurt child the manager arrived slowly(dragging his feet) he then went to the check out lane across from us and started grabbing merchandise, as if he were going to put it away. We asked for an ice pack. So the manager then SLOWLY walked to get an ice pack. By the time he returned with the icepack, my sister had enough time to RUN to Red Robin across the parking lot for a bag of ice and back by the time we received the icepack from the store manager. As soon as we got the ice my sister drove us to the hospital. I thank God that my daughter is fine. In fact, by time we entered the hospital my daughter had stopped crying. It was and is a big annoyance how the store manager, Steven had reacted to the situation. Common sense: it's a big deal when anyone hits their head. The possible results from head trauma are extremely serious.

Offender: Kohl's
Country: USA   State: California   City: Riverbank

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