janian and associates
I DO NOT recommend this company at all

We were contacted by Stephen Pugh with Janian & Associates in February 2010 about a loan modification. This sweet talking man won me over. He promised me the world and I bought it. Believe me, I was skeptical at first, but he assured me that they were experts in getting loan modifications for homeowners.

Our mortgage is being serviced by Litton Loan Servicing and we were behind two months. I had already made arrangements with Litton to pay those two months back over 12 months. This increased my payments from $1765 to $2059 for 12 months. With our interest on our mortgage @ 8.5% it was bad enough to pay the $1765 much less the $2059. We had tried for months to get a loan modification with Litton with no success.

So, we signed a contract with Janian & Associates on 3/3/10. Included in the requested documents was a "schedule of current income and expenses". Now, this document alone would tell if you are eligible for a loan modification. We also agreed to pay them $2, 500 over three months. When I asked how I was supposed to afford paying them and still maintain a mortgage note that was basically unaffordable, I was told by Stephen Pugh quote "do not pay your mortgage" end quote. So for three months I did not pay the mortgage and at the end of the three months Litton Loan would not accept any payments from me.

So now, we are behind 8 months, our home is scheduled for a Sheriff's Sale on August 25th. Basically, we are going to loose our home and it's all because I put my trust in Janian and Associates. Oh and the solution I was presented with recently: add the 8 months that we are behind to the upcoming monthly payments! Are you serious, you promised me a loan modification! I thought I was going to have lower payments and interest rate!! Instead you expect me to pay back $14, 120 in 12 months added to my already outrageous payment of $1765. So, I would be paying $2941 a month for 12 months. How stupid are these people? So, I paid you $2, 500 for us to get a monthly mortgage payment of $2941 instead of $2059. We were having trouble paying the $1765 and you think that we can pay $2941????? How stupid! And you know what they had the nerve to say quote "but it will keep you in your home" end quote.

During the last 6 months my negotiater has changed 4 times. Two of them having left Janian and Associates without us being contacted. We were originally told that this would only take 3-4 months. We were told that "we're not going to let you loose your house" numerous times. I was also told that when they negotiate loan modifications that they negotiate your loan lumped in as a package so they were more successful in getting it modified that way. Well, that didn't happen.

I had called Janian and Associates to tell them that my house was posted and that the sale date was August 25, 2020. They assured me (and I have the email to prove it) that the sale date was postponed until October. That was a lie (the sale will go on). These people have done NOTHING to help us. They have made matters worse.

I DO NOT recommend this company at all. You can probably work out a loan modification with your lender and it won't cost you $2500.

Offender: janian and associates
Country: USA   State: All USA

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