Don't buy there!

I purchased a "script" for $390, very expensive, and at that price it should be perfect. In fact, it was full of bugs and problems. It did not include even a "readme" file, and hard to believe, but it did not even come with the adminstration Username and Password!! Normally, when you buy a "script, " you get a instruction file with everything you need to install it, or use it. These people supplied nothing at all.

Now get this: They no longer communicate with me after taking my money. I have demanded a refund of my money. The script never worked at all, not even for 5 minutes. Here is a copy of my first email that has all of the problems listed with the "Job Site and Job Seach Engine" script.

I am strongly advising that you do not spend any money with them because if it all goes wrong (as it did with me) then the chances of repairs or a resolution is not guaranteed.


I am extemely angry with this. I have been doing website designs for 5 years, and that includes script installations. I can follow instructions with includes FTP and CHMOD of files and folders and setting up databases via cPanel and all the various functions to setting up a script. Over 5 years, the documentation has been good with everyone.

I have many clients who I have also setup script websites without any troubles

Your script presentation via the documentation is poor. In fact, it had NO INFORMATION whatsover in the download. It did not even tell me for goodness sake how to access the admin panel or the password!!

I paid $390 for this script and that is extremely high for something that is full of problems.

Here are the problems I have experienced:

1) The database files I was not sure about and I confirmed it with you, and I used YOUR FILES and still the script would not work with the files you made. I matched the password and user and database inside cPanel to make sure they were the same.

2) The tell a friend link does not work and when pushing the send button, it does nothing

3) The "edit contacts" via the admin does not change the company address for the link that says "contact us" at the bottom of the page. It stays permanently set to you.

4) You did not send me the instructions on how to remove the branding, which I paid $150 to remove and I got no information from you about that, and I got no explanation from you afterwards. I am assuming its editing a footer.php file but have not bothered to spend any more time with this.

5) I was told that you do not work on weekends and this script has cost me an entire weekend of my time all to no avail.

6) I do not have any confidence tha this script even works properly even when it supposedly fixed

7) The "employer address" link inside the admin goes to a page not found. I checked the admin folder, and the file does not even exist in there at all

I have removed the entire script from my server, and changed passwords.

I want a FULL REFUND of $390 for this.

You did not even prepare a decent readme file on how to use it!

I do not want an argument over this. I have looked at your other scripts, and have listed you in my favorites. Maybe there might be another sale if you handle this correctly, and also sales for my contacts for other products you might have, that might work better. So please don’t try to hang on to the $390 because that will cost you more in the long run in lost sales and bad reputation.

Please do the right thing, and refund me immediately and there is no hard feelings. I will simply remember this one as not a good script to purchase, but there may be others in the future that I can buy.

Hema is it? I got the impression on the phone, that you are a good man, and that was my impression at the time. (The script is not good in my experience) but you seemed to be a good person. So please do not change that opinion, as there WILL be other sales opportunities next time from you.

Offender: I-netsolution.com
Country: USA   State: All USA

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