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Bad customer service

The letter addressed to Great Wolf Lodge Corporate AND Niagara.

I stayed at the GWL Niagara on Monday April 4th 2011 with my husband and 3 boys. 2 of those boys were celebrating their birthday there as we do annually for the past 5 years and this visit was a huge disappointment. I am EXTREMELY upset with the lack of concern or acknowledgment on behalf of the GWL team in Niagara. Upon check in, at close to 1 pm we were told we would have a bit of a wait but it "shouldn't be too long" by our concierge. We decided to have lunch at The Antler Shanty to hold out a bit. Lunch came and went with no call for our room so I stayed in the waterpark WITH MY LUGGAGE until 3:58 pm. No one mentioned that I could store my luggage in a secure area so I too could enjoy the waterpark that I had just payed big money for. When I FINALLY entered my room I was greeted with an OVERPOWERING smell of air freshener to which I am HIGHLY allergic and had an asthma attack from AND the two birthday packages I had ordered online had not been delivered to the room, only one had. I called to Customer Service immediately and was told that they were too busy at the front desk but someone would get back to me. Eventually they figured out that they had not charged me for the two packages even after I specifically mentioned to the girl at front desk that there should be TWO packages. I went back up to the concierge after several attempts to reach them by phone at 6 pm to once again mention the birthday packages AND the air freshener issue to which I was told to pay for the second 69.00 package, I happily did but when I mentioned the air freshener again it was shrugged off without a concern. The gentleman at the front desk merely said, "that's too bad, we do apologize". Fast forward to after dinner, we headed to bed after the story in the lobby, we had a Wolf Den Suite and 3 boys so we needed to use the pull out sofa. I called downstairs for 2 extra pillows and was told they would be right there but they never arrived. I waited up for over an hour for the pillows. There were other little details about our room that after the main 2 incidences went completely overlooked I just gave up mentioning because I did not seem to be able to get a response previously. The tub did not drain properly or plug properly for the boys to have a bath, the toilet was not flushing properly and we had extremely loud and boisterous neighbours late into the night. I did head over to Customer Service upon check out because the front desk had only one person working and he was back logged with customers. The girl who was working there took down my information and wrote my issues on a piece of paper and assured me that someone would contact me. It is now Friday and we have not been contacted in regards to this matter. Add insult to injury, a fellow guest relayed a story to me about how he had waited 3 hrs for his room not knowing about the secure luggage area and when he complained about the delay he was UPGRADED to a Majestic Bear Suite from the very same room we had been in!!! All in all I spent OVER 700.00 to be treated like a second class guest after many years of loyalty to Great Wolf Lodge Niagara Falls and I am beyond angry. I feel duped and suckered out of my cash with little to no respect for my patronage. Until this point I have always been very happy with the customer service at GWL but this time I am very displeased. I have always referred GWL to clients and friends but now I feel that the customer service aspect that was so highly regarded in the past may be slipping greatly. It is no longer about pleasing people and hoping they return again and again and more about grabbing as many bucks as you can and make sure we spend spend spend.

I would like to mention after 5 years of not the greatest food in The Antler Shanty they have stepped it up quite a bit and I was very pleased with our meals and the meal coupon package offered.

Offender: Great Wolf Lodge
Country: USA   State: All USA

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