Friesen Press
Lied to by sales staff

I signed up for Book and e-Book was told by sales staff that the Royalty on e-Book was 50%.

Later told by Book Production Manager that the e-Book was 30%. There was no contract written to prove the e-Book's Royalty. I canceled the e-Book still have not received the money for that cancellation it should have come via my email has not been done yet although I was told it would be done 3 weeks ago.

First Manuscript was sent back to me as a PDF form for me to correct but there were more than the allowed corrections so it was going to cost another $300. to do the corrections I had the PDF converted to text only to find that they had used the GROTESQUE FONT. Plus there were so many errors created by this company that the editing overcharge would be $300. I had it edited by a local editor and the corrections were done eg of corrections created by this company were;

1 the roman numerals for 1 and 2 were changed from I and II to exclamation marks ! and !!

2 they added many periods to the end of sentences so that there were double periods which had to be corrected

3 In my opinion, they used a macro to insert all of these errors so that writers end up paying even more money to this company to fix errors that were never there to begin with.

4 after I returned the manuscript corrected by a editor that I trust here

they then returned it to me in a PDF form of 6X9.

5 this meant that I had to go through the whole book again making sure

there were no hard returns in this book This took another 40 hours which should never happened at all.

After 4 months of this going on I finally took the finished manuscript that I was able to produce on my Serif Page Plus 5 program and submitted it to Trafford where it was published in 3 weeks Friesen Press still does not have the book done. I asked them at one point to put my book on hold so that I could go ahead with Trafford and get the book done. Since then I have asked them to resume publishing my book; but after 3 weeks I still have heard nothing from them.

In my opinion, they publish only the books they wish to do such as cook books and children's books and my type of book which is an expose they do not want to do. They do not have the honesty to tell me this as they want to keep the $1200. dollars that they charged me In my opinion, they are acting in a fraudulent manner and that this is their manner of dealing with writers. In my opinion, they want to keep the money from writers like myself and not do much to earn it. In my opinion, at this point I would not trust them to handle my book as I do not believe that I would ever get the Royalty on the amount of books that would be sold the way they have it set up to let the author know how many books are sold is dishonest as there is no way to verify their sales of the book . Just their say so.

I would like to see this company audited as in my opinion, they need auditing in my opinion, they are having a great game using writers how ever they please and discouraging many writers from writing it is bad enough that they are charging double what Trafford wanted for their services; but do not deliver any service at all; at least in my case. Please see what you can do I would like to cancel my contract with them and I do believe that I should be able to get back at least half of the money that I gave them.

One more thing, Book Production Manager kept telling me that if I didn't go along with their program that she would cancel the contract and I would be out the $1200. approx. money that I had already given them for doing the book. In my opinion, it felt like extortion; not a business doing business. I would like at least half of my money back and I would like other writers to know how this company operates I have all of the emails to prove what I have been saying here.

Offender: Friesen Press
Country: USA   State: All USA

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