Waldron Electric
overcharged but pursuing legal action

My mom was in a nursing home under hospice care so I was unable to schedule an electrician during regular hours as I needed to attend to her. She has since passed away. (Jan.1, 2017) On Dec. 22, 2016 I called Mr. Waldron at about 3:00 p.m. I had only partial power in my home for 5 days. My power provider had already been to my home and was able to restore partial power but told me that there was a corroded bolt at the meter that needed replacement. I explained to Mr. Waldron via the phone what needed to be done. He said it sounded like a big job and would take about a week at a cost of between $6,000-$8,000. He arrived shortly after 5:30 and without looking at the meter, asked for my credit card, went to his truck, called his office and put $8,000 on my card which remains to this day. He then went to the meter, began working, left, and came back with the replacement part which cost about $85. No contracts were given to me as he said he didn't have any paperwork in his truck. I went to bed shortly after 8:30 but was awakened shortly thereafter as the lights and TV came on. I really dodged a big bill I thought! Wrong!!! The next day Mr. Waldron told me he had been here until 1 a.m.,doing what I don't know as I was asleep. He returned a few days later to attach a wire and replace the meter cover. On Dec. 30, I received the contracts via certified letter asking for my signature and initials, etc.
I was also to note that this was only a temporary fix and for another $5,000 he could complete the work. I have since had that work completed at a cost of $1600. Sargent Electric replaced the 400 amp meter socket. Their estimate for his temporary work completed on off hours with 5 hours of overtime at $156 to be a total of $860 plus $85 for the bolt. Mr. Waldron had been here twice before-once under another company's name to locate a short in an outside plug, and another time to upgrade a box. I did not use his company either time. He is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, is not permitted on Angie's list as he does not meet their qualifications, and has cheated many. It did not take a week to repair the bolt-why would the charge still remain???

Offender: Waldron Electric
Country: USA   State: All USA   County: Allegheny   City: Pittsburgh
Address: Regis Ave.
Phone: 1-800-349-9555

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