Macy's charging late fees on unpaid late fees :-(

Are there any consumer protection agencies or regulatory agencies I can file a complaint with, because what Macy's is up to with its collections and billing practices just doesn't seem ethical. It seems more like the "Pay Day Loan" businesses, and I know there are groups trying to get the reigns in on that dirty business.

I had my monthly $25 payments to Macy's set up with my bank (Wells Fargo) three days before the due date, and started getting five calls a day (literally) from Macy's that my payments were late and I was behind!
I called Wells to ask what the heck was going on. They explained that if my send out date fell on a weekend, they would wait until the following Monday (or Tuesday, if a long weekend) to send it. This had happened twice in a row, so now I had $70 in late fees from Macy's. :-(
I paid the damned late fees and told WF to move the payment dates up by two days.

Two months later, more harrassment from Macy's. Same story. Late payments.
Called WF -- the person I spoke with hadn't made the change. I got them to move the date as they were supposed to.
But I was pissed off about Macy's incessant five calls a day and late fees, and so I didn't pay them their additional late fees immediately. Instead, I continued to pay my monthly $25 (now on time!) and wrote the exec offices of both Macy's and Wells.

Long story shortened, although I have continued to pay my $25 a month without fail, I am now considered $140 behind because I haven't paid Macy's their late fees, and so they add additional late fees each month.

I just closed the account and told them I will be paying off my entire bill for the merchandise and interest, but I will not be paying them their damned late fees.
I'm not interested in dealing with Macy's anymore. A nice woman in their exec offices tried to help, but she isn't able to change how they do their collections "business." --I swear they much also have a sideline in "Pay Day loans."

Again, please let me know if there are any agencies that work to stop some of these predatory practices.

Thank you!

Offender: Macy's
Country: USA   State: All USA

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