Undefeated Inc
Derogatory Words

Me and my friend ordered online and after a few transactions they cancelled, my friend sent an email asking why. The customer service replied thru email that they don't trust the info and another e-mail said "do not order from us again and tell that dumb hoe (my name) too". We're so shocked we had not yet even replied to the 1st email yet and then they had the nerve to call me dumb hoe when I did not even e-mail them?! We did not do anyhting to deserve to be called those derogatory words. Very unprofessional and disrespectful. I couldn't believe a customer service rep saying those words like we are in some ghetto place. It's ok to say they don't trust us but they should not call me "dumb hoe" just because a friend of yours asked why they cancelled a purchase transaction.

Offender: Undefeated Inc
Country: USA   State: All Country   City: Los Angeles, CA

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