Twitter suspends my 2 day old account, no reason.

I opened a Twitter account to promote my YouTube channel and to read about other peoples lives and business etc. I tweeted three times, each time with my comment and a link to my YouTube channel. Suddenly my account is suspended as if I did something terribly wrong but twitter doesn't give me ANY reason what so ever!? They just decide to suspend me and not tell me why. They could have even warned me about what I was doing is wrong except I browsed around twitter and there are hundreds and thousands of tweets with YouTube links in them so what did I do? Twitter won't tell me because they don't give a about 1 new account thats suspended. I'm furious because:
1. They didn't tell me why they suspended me.
2. They didn't warn me about their issue they had with me.
3.I didn't break any rules as mostly everyone posts links to other sites on their Twitter accounts.

If it was because I was tweeting my YT links then why didn't they warn me on my second tweet "Waring, posting links to other sites might result in your suspension" I did read all the terms and conditions before hand and it says that if you send A LOT of tweets only of links you might get suspended but I sent three links.

Offender: Twitte
Country: USA   State: All Country   City: N/A

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