ADT security Service
unauthorized charges and an invalid early termination fee

ever since I got ATT service is it never worked I have had several technicians to come to my home in addition to that I've also had numerous phone calls automated phone calls from ADT acknowledging that they were not receiving a signal from my house I have also made numerous phone calls to ATT and the service representative all acknowledged that I never had service I have also received several credit bass up on ATT at my lodging that fact the last situation that I had I contacted at: I contacted ADT in June to have the system cancelled because I was fed up of getting the daily phone calls as well as not being able to have my home securely covered I called requesting to cancel the sales rep said to me we apologize we see where you have had not had the service we will schedule a last and final technician to your home if for whatever reason we are still unable to fix the problem we will cancel your service at that point and be sure to waive any early termination fees based upon the fact that you have not had service it seems fair one more shot I will allow yet another technician to come to my house and will try to fix the problem again after the technician showed up I quickly realized that it was a sales rep and not a technician he attempted to sell me abt polls he tried to persuade me into paying extra money to install a new service even though the one that I had didn't work I advise them thank you but no I would rather not pay two hundred and forty eight dollars to install new services when you cannot get the existing one working he left my home with the intention of finding someone to help me resolve my issue which was to get the security service is working the very next day I received a phone call from ADT confirming an installation appointment for ADT Pulse I immediately called ADT and verified what was this appointment about they advised me that the sales rep had entered a request to have ADT Pulse installed I cancelled the appointment and asked about representative to cancel my service this was the beginning of July I confirmed that the services were cancelled and she confirmed that as well I'm thinking all is well I receive a statement from my bank account confirming that the $248 was charged to my account.I immediately contacted ADT about the unauthorized charge of the 248 from my account ATT reassured me that the charges will be credited back to my account I followed up and I began to realize that the services were not cancelled when I called in November to inquire about the 248 credit and when I will receive it the representative quickly pulled up my account he told me that he see what he saw where I call to cancel the serviceand he apologize for the inconvenience he confirmed that he was going to get the credits back to my account of 248 and remove the $666 60 dollars from my accountI hung up the phone thinking all was well I received another letter in the mail again asking for a payment of $660 I'm confirming that instead of crediting my account for the $248 that was unauthorized ATT one did not cancel the service as requested in June but they also removed monthly charges from the $248 that was supposed to be credited back to my account which was on of Erised and then three that were billing me for early termination see that should have been waived because they could not give me the service as they promised so here are my concerns why would ATT expect me to continue with a service that they cannot provide Taylor monthly fee for something that does not work and then give them several opportunities to resolve it and they were not able to but when I asked not to be charged 12 grade for another service to get the service to work I'm still build there were no service is installed and then in addition to that instead of giving me my money back you continue service and use that money to pay for it and then you send me a bill for something that never works and you could not get to work I'm very very very confused and I need help with this thank you

Offender: ADT security Service
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 14200 E Exposition Ave CO 80012
Phone: 18003690996

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