Safeway Store #1887
Safeway's Raw Deli Fried Chicken - Safeway Deli fried chicken

I stopped by your store #1887 to get some of the Deli Fried Chicken for dinner on 1/3/2014. My husband and I ate the chicken while watching TV, so we didn't notice it was not done! He ate 1st while I went to church. When I came home he was in the bathroom so I fixed my plate and ate. He came out and said stop eating! The chicken is raw inside and made me vomit. I looked at the chicken and it was very raw and bloody. It was late so I took it back the next day to Safeway. The Assistant Manager gave a refund and filed a claim, but they are self insured and the adjuster is now making it very hard for us to get our doctor bills paid and refused to acknowledge Safeway's responsibility. The hospital may not have specified in our medical reports that it was the raw chicken/food poisoning, but they did verbally tell us it was. We took a piece of the chicken to the hospital and the doctor said it was very raw and likely made us sick. Now the Safeway adjuster said she won't accept our claim if the report isn't specific enough. We have a lot of witnesses who saw us earlier in the day at a meeting that lasted most of the day. We were not sick before eating the raw chicken. We have a witness who was at my home with my husband while he ate and got sick from the chicken. We don't know why the doctors would not have listed food poisoning as a diagnosis on paper? They prescribed Ciprofloxacin, it is to fight bacterial infection which they said was caused by the raw chicken and food poisoning. I went by the store on yesterday to talk with the Assistant Manager, Robert Jaraewski, but was told he was on Vacation. I asked for a copy of the claim he filed but Asst.Mgr Carol Belaskie said it was lost and refused to inquire where it may be! This is a really bad way to treat a good customer of 15 years! It's really sad because I shopped at both Safeway stores here in Kingman and attend church with 2 of your employees. Being self insured is a good way to be sure you never have to own up to your responsibility. My husband is a 100% disabled Viet Nam Veteran! We don't deserve to be treated this way!

Offender: Safeway Store #1887
Country: USA   State: All USA

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