Walmart supercenter #1800
Racism STILL exists

Walmart no longer cares about their paying customers. But they do care that we are paying! Tuesday Jan 7, 2014 I entered Walmart ALONE to purchase a pack of cigarettes. The cashier not only continued to deny the sell to me (I did have my TX ISSUED VALID drivers license), not only did a manager try to deny the sell and also state I can not use my gift card but they continued to accuse me of being in there with another male just minutes before whose ID expired. I continued to tell them I dont know what they are talking about. I stepped aside while waiting for another supervisor. I am African-American, the male behind me, another customer, is Caucasian. She not only sold him cigarettes without asking for ID but he was not questioned if he was purchasing for someone else. The whole scene pulled by these employees was rude, embarrassing, and ugly. I called the store and spoke with the assistant store manager who became so ugly and nasty with me when I released my ethnicity. He told me that I was not accused, that I am only getting upset because he is not telling me what I want to hear, he will review the video footage, that I can do whatever it is I need to do. The assistant store manager just did not care and completely 100% showed racial discrimination. I was so offended by this manager and extremely saddened. I am a paying customer! Black or not no one should ever be treated the way those 3 Walmart employees treated me. NO ONE! I will never step foot inside Walmart Supercenter #1800 ever again! To be honest, I dont think I want to ever step inside any Walmart.

Offender: Walmart supercenter #1800
Country: USA   State: All USA

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