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Livie Rae's, a big disappointment and waste of time! - Custom bras

I was extremely disappointed today when i visited the Livie Rae shop. I wanted to look at the bra selection but there were no bras to look at. We were told it was because they had so many, but I think it was JUST THE OPPOSITE. The lady fitting me left and came back with 2 bras, yes I said 2, one was exactly like one I had purchased from a local clothing store and the other wasn't at all what I asked for. After requesting certain things she left and returned with 1 bra and yes I said 1 ONE. It was to big so she returned with a smaller size. That bra did not meet the requirements I had asked for, one being full coverage, but I tried it on anyway. I told her I would come back another time, yeah right, when I sprout wings .

At one point the lady fitting us asked an employee to tell waiting customers that there was only one person fitting bras and it would be quite a wait. Several people were already in fitting rooms so she was extremely busy. At least three or four other employees were in the shop but only one person to do the fittings. Did not make sense to us why so many to do basically nothing and only one person to do the task most requested. I guess this is why we were offered so few options in a bra.

Before writing this I read several reviews. One Customer stated the sales/fitting lady came back with 20 bras for her to choose from. It must have been a very slow day at Livie Raes. One of the customers even said she was given a robe to wear while waiting for her selection to arrive. I didn't even get my curtain closed all the way.

It seems you either have a great visit or you should have stayed home. A lot of time is wasted walking back and forth for one or two bras at a time. I could have pointed to several that I liked, tried them ALL on and maybe found one to fit in less time than i was able to try on three styles today with nothing to show for my time WASTED.

I have watched the show a couple of times and was really expecting a treat. The bras I saw were nothing special. They could be purchased anywhere that carried larger sizes. I know because I did purchase one elsewhere. Their sewing room was for altering bras that did not fit right. If I paid $70 or more for a bra, it had better fit from the get go. If i wanted one that had been nipped and tucked i could do that myself for a lot less money.

So, I guess what I am saying is save your time and money and go some place else. Definitely not what it's made out to be.


Offender: Livie Rae's
Country: USA   State: All USA

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