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One of the worst customer service calls. I ordered an item for a baby shower and did not receive it, although it says I did (fine, I understand things happen). I called to replace it, said I would get it in time for my baby shower. Never received an email saying the item shipped so I called back and they said it hadn't shipped. I was transferred to a lady who said she would speak to the department and make sure my item got shipped out (which is only a few days away). She also said I would receive a confirmation email and a call to let me know it was shipped. I never received either. I called back today and there was a note on my order saying that if I called back, to tell me I can cancel my order because I may not receive it by the date I'd like. I was very frustrated I had to call to be told that when I was supposed to receive an email and a phone call. I also have been charged already and they are unable to refund my money but I'm still going to receive my item (which is a day AFTER the baby shower). It wouldn't be too much of a problem if I weren't traveling out of state for this baby shower. I was told that because I had standard shipping, it couldn't be rushed. I understand I had standard shipping for the first order I placed, but this was a replacement order and not because of my mistake. The lady told me the warehouse chooses what they want to rush and what they don't need to rush and apparently my order wasn't one they felt the need to rush. Even though the item hasn't shipped yet, I apparently can't stop it from being shipped and they had to put in a request for me to get my refund, which may or may not be approved in 5-10 business days. I was pushed around by this customer service and I really don't like being lied to and taken advantage of. I'm very nice and understanding on the phone, as I once worked in customer service, but they beat around the bush way too much. I am newly pregnant and will not be using them for my registry! I surely will pass on the words to my friends; we are all in the stages of having our first children and hopefully they will not use them on their registry either!

Offender: Babies R Us online
Country: USA   State: All USA

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