Walmart - horrible management

I have been shopping at Walmart at Southlands in Aurora, CO for the past 5 years. On average, our family has probably spent $600 per month or more on groceries, toys, etc. if not much more. Because of poor customer service I received from management, I will no longer shop there. On Black Friday, I bought a couple of Lego sets that evening which were on sale. I left the store and went back a couple of hours later and decided to buy two more sets. The manager on duty refused to give me the sale price, even though it was still Friday. She claimed it took associates 4 hours to remove the sale signs and that those sales were "manager's specials". I told her that I was a loyal customer and that they would lose my business. She could care less, grabbed the boxes of legos and walked off. When I got home, I looked on line and the sale was still going on. I tried to make a return a couple of days later, odds and ends of stuff. A manager had to approve the returns and when I told her about the lack of customer service I received from another store manager on Black Friday, she would only allow me to return 3 of the items, separately. Therefore, if I did need to make a return and didn't have a receipt, I couldn't because the system would allow it. Her attitude toward me in front of other employees and customers made me feel as if I were a thief and had stolen the items and was trying to receive credit for things I never paid for. Yes, I should have brought the receipts, but like I said for the amount of shopping I was doing there (almost daily), it would have been difficult to find the exact receipts because of the brief descriptions that they have on them (i.e., Skylander descriptions). Plus, I use one credit card for all purchases. They could have looked up my purchases on my credit card. Target has all Nerf items, boy one get one half off. I took the ad to Walmart to purchase 2 lego sets and a manager refused to price match. Walmart claims to have a price match guarantee. The flyer from Target clearly stated, ALL Nerf items, buy one get one half off. I wanted to buy a Wiii U. I went to electronics and there were 4 associates chatting and until I spoke up, they ignored me. When I asked if they had any in stock, an associate held up his hands and told me I had to wait until he could wash his hands. Apparently he was helping another associate open a case of pet food which exploded. How was I to know his hands were dirty with pet food! Why couldn't another associate at least acknowledge I was standing there and assist. They didn't have the item in stock and had no idea when they would get any in. I was just told "we get trucks every night". Horrible customer service!!!

I went to another Wal-mart store on Chambers Rd. this morning because I decided to use up the small amount of store credit to buy Wii U for Christmas. The associate in electronics was helpful and rang up my order, and bagged the Wii U. I decided to stroll down the toy section and bought something that I haven't seen at another store. When I went to pay for it, the associate refused to ring it up unless I showed proof that I purchased the Wii u that was in a bag. To my knowledge, it is illegal for an associate to go through a customers bag. Thanks for making me look and feel like I was a thief!!!

I'm so disgusted with Walmart right now. I will only shop at Target and other stores that appreciate my business.

Offender: Walmart
Country: USA   State: All USA

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