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I usually shop at Target because they have better service than Walmart and sales people are easier to find. Today I entered Target and there were no carts left to be had. I thought it was probably because it was a busy shopping day before Christmas. When I got a cart, I proceeded further into the store towards the toy and automotive department. I was having some difficulty finding jumper cables (the auto department is only one aisle right now). I had noticed there had been six Target employees standing and visiting beside some boxes that needed to be unpacked and stocked. I went back, all six were still standing there. I asked them where my first item was. They told me which aisle but none of them volunteered to come and help. I didn't find it, gave up, and couldn't find the second item either (a collapsible shovel). I went back to the group....still standing there, and asked where the item was. They gave me the same aisle number I had been at, didn't offer to come help so I went back to that aisle. I heard them discussing that maybe someone should go help, finally a young man did. But he got there too late, another customer had already helped. I must admit I chewed him out and told them it was not good customer service to be standing in a huddle in an aisle on a busy Saturday before Christmas. He shrugged and went back to the group....then I heard them standing and discussing it. I did report it to the manager for the day...unfortunately, he looked like he was around their age. This probably determines why a. there was no one bringing carts in, and b. why the employees were standing around in the aisles talking. If you need a break....go in the back!! POOR SERVICE....I MIGHT AS WELL SHOP AT WALMART WHERE THE PRICES ARE CHEAPER AND STILL CAN'T FIND SOMEONE TO HELP. I was very disappointed in the service at this Sioux City, IA Target. When I have been to other Target stores if I am even walking along the aisles looking for something, I have had employees approach and ask if I need help. VERY POOR MANAGEMENT at this Sioux City, IA store.

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