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CVS - sold spoiled food and will not refund

From the Redlands Mall CVS, I bought a bottle of red wine, a merlot. My first drink was really odd, then I tried it again and unfortunately there was no doubt that it was spoiled and rancid. I have had several bottles of this exact wine purchased from this store and I know it is an excellent wine. That certainly ruined an evening at home after work as I was expecting a good taste from that bottle of wine and ended up pouring at the foul tasting liquid.

I returned the bottle and receipt to the store today to get a refund. The store said it is their policy not to refund alcohol. That is understood, but they sold me an unusable product due to its spoilage. The store manager wanted to argue about whether or not the wine was really rotten or inferring that I just did not like it. There was enough liquid remaining in the bottle to detect the rotten smell or even taste it if necessary, but he did not bother smelling it.

I have been a customer of this store for many years, and they have that knowledge from their invasive tracking program. I find it despicable that an organization at the scale of CVS, $121 billion company, treats their customers so poorly. And it is even more aggravating to having spent my time returning defective merchandise and dealing with an incompetent manager who is so inept that he could not find a solution to help the customer. In essence, they stole my money since their manager did not refund my money!

I followed up with the manufacturer of the wine and CVS customer service.
1) CVS customer service %u2013 they were sorry that they stole my money, but it is their manager%u2019s decision and they have decided to keep my money for an unusable product.
2) winery %u2013 great people, as my complaint is not with them, but the CVS managers%u2019 ineptness and being a thief.
The winery was glad to either refund my money or replace the wine. I opted for more wine, as it is an excellent wine. The winery mentioned several handing methods of the wine that the CVS shelf stockers could not follow and the wine can spoil.

The winery knows the wine can spoil on the CVS shelf. The CVS manager is obviously inept as he does not know the difference between spoiled wine and a wine that one does not care for from its flavor. And CVS Custumer Serivice continues to reinforce that they could care less about their customers.

Offender: CVS redlands mall
Country: USA   State: All USA

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