Saks fifth Avenue:: Harrasment and racial profiling

I ordered some stuff for my husband as we are going on a cruise this week. Total amount came up to a little over 1700. First I had my order cancelled and an email sent to me wiith the explanation that my card could not be authorized. This is the strangest thing ever cuz my bankers never called and when I checked my online account the amount had been deducted. Anywho I called Saks and they asked a WHOLE bunch of security question which I politely answered and they confirmed the order via phone. Now I thought this was strange- so I'm wondering for every single person that spends a meager amount of 1700 saks has to do a follow up call? I would think this would be the banks job but anyway initial call is taken in good faith..the next day I get a call from Saks, I miss this call and call back, another round of security questions, by now I am frustrated and wondering if this what it takes to purchase items from saks. Clearly my name is not very ''American" so by now I know I'm being profiled cuz my name is different. The customer service person was annoyed that I did not pick up the initial call from saks and tells me I should pick up my calls whenever Saks calls- huh? This was where I flipped, by this time I had been subjected to three rounds of security questions. The sales person tells me that I would get a call back from saks to confirm my order- three hours go by and no-one calls so I call back. Another person takes me through a 4th round of security questions and tells me clearly that they need to make sure this is not a fraudulent order. By this time smoke is literally pouring out of my nose, so I demand to speak to a supervisor and I get put on hold for 30 minutes and the phone gets cut off. So i call again- another round of questions and I got another number to call. I called and got grilled for 10 minutes-mind you all this while no -one has apologized for cancelling my order and charging my card. Everyone I spoke to was rude and acted like a stole stuff from Saks and I was giving these idiots my money. Finally after hours of yelling, calling and subjected almost to tears, my order gets put through. Meanwhile the stupid idiots who spoke to me like my money was not good enough for them have charged me twice for this order. I recorded all, the conversations and I am not yet done with Saks- I have been insulted and degraded and I am angry and bitter. When I am done with saks they will understand what equality, standards and fairness really means.

Offender: BizRate
Country: USA   State: All USA

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