Treatment of hard workers - Employees

Wal-Mart is know for treating the capable workers like crap. I was in one where all the lazy workers get high paying jobs and the ones that call out, talk on there cell phones, visit with friends while on the clock swear at the customers, come to work in their PJ's while others have to follow the rules. The workers are afraid of speaking up in fear of losing their jobs as in that area jobs are few. You can't complain on Wal-Mart web site as they want you name address and phone number. So what can the hard working employees do or go? Wal-Mart needs to watch what the management does when one higher up can say to a lazy cashier that just started 9 months ago and tell her come and see me if you want out of cashier I'll get you out what kind of favors is he asking for????? When a hard working employee asked to get a higher paying job with more hours to support her child gets nothing but cut back hours!

Offender: Wal-Mart
Country: USA   State: All USA

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