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What made me finally fed up with Walgreens is the price change in my medication. It went up from 16$ to 25$. It's the off brand and I paid for Walgreens script insurance a while back. I also have been on this med. for a while and don't understand why they couldn't send a simple email out to tell me. I don't have an extra 10$ just lying around I live paycheck to paycheck an Christmas is comin fast! Before today, a month ago, I needed my birth control and wanted to go ahead and fill my other script which was 5 days early. A pharmacy tech advised me to do this earlier that year in case they happened to not have it in stock. Well there was another woman ahead of me ordering the same medication. She was told by the pharmacy tech that they were out of that brand The woman replied well just give me the name brand. The main pharmacist called her aside and said that they were not a loud to give out this certain medication earlier then two days before it was due. She of course called me aside and told me the same thing. I explained to her that it was an inconvenience for me to come back in three days and pick up another medication when I needed my birth control on that day. She said it was a new policy by the DEA and she could call and ask my doctor and I replied that don't worry about it if it was a DEA problem then the doctor would probably say the same thing. The more I thought about it the more I thought that how is it possible if I went into days and they were out to find my prescription into days from another pharmacy that was close by so I went to a different Walgreens the next day and they had no problem filling my prescription four days early. The same day my medication list for my birth control is Sprintec, and the pharmacy tech could not find this medication on my list because Walgreens put me on an off brand called mononessa. I had recently seeing my doctor and thought that maybe she had changed my birth control so I went and paid my doctor to see her about the problems I was having with the new birth-control she prescribed me. She never prescribed a different medication and told me so so Walgreens took it upon themselves to change my birth control to which I paid for three months of and I can't use it! So to bring it down I don't appreciate the fact that she profiled me when it came to my prescription, and I don't like having to pay a doctor to find out that Walgreens changed my prescription and not my doctor. Especially being a birth-control that in my opinion and personal experience shouldn't need tampered with because of a dollar or two being saved, unless I'm at least notified of the change their making!

Offender: Walgreens#10181
Country: USA   State: All USA

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