Shorted me 46 Vicodin pills yet charged me for the 90 I should have had

I have a lot of degenerative discs that have ruptured and will keep getting worse every year. When I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription refill, there were only 44 pills and there should have been 90. Somebody at Walgreens Pharmacy stole 46 vicodin from my pill jar. This one wasn't double counted or initialed like the others always are. The pharmacist, Mark Jones, was uncaring, unfriendly, unconcerned that there was a thief in their employ and walked away after telling me I was making it up. I guess the Walgreens thief must have thought he/she needed my 46 pills worse than me. A very brazen thing to do by taking 46 pills over a 4 day period before I picked up my pills. Mark Jones was not very professional either and should be more concerned that the pharmacy has a thief employed than calling a customer a liar. I don't have to steal my own pills Mr. Jones. I get monthly refills. You owe me 46 pills and an apology. I made a police report and will never return to Walgreens. HOPE YOU CATCH THE THIEF MR. JONES BEFORE HE/ SHE STEALS MORE CUSTOMERS' PILLS.

Offender: Walgreens
Country: USA   State: All USA

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